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Head Modeling & Texturing For Games

In this course we will discuss the process of creating character head model for AAA games. We will start from creating high poly model in Zbrush from a simple base mesh. Then we will make low poly mesh in Topogun. We will cover the process of creating high resolution textures using ZappLink in Zbrush and Photoshop. We will cover also process of creating other parts of our character like shirt and cap. At the end we will export our stuff to UDK, we will show how to create different materials, like transparent and reflective material for our eyes or skin shader with subsurface scattering effect. We will also drop our model to marmoset toolbag to see the difference between the effect that we've achieved in UDK.


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Length: 8h

Size: 2,5GB
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: MP4
Language: English

Buying this tutorial you will
also get:
- UDK files
- Maya scene files
- FBX head model
- all textures in PSD and Targa
- Zbrush files
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