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Game Vehicle Development

In this course we will discuss the process of creating a vehicle for next generation games. We will cover high poly modeling. We will create main body of the vehicle, supercharger and air scope, wheel with tire and some inside elements. We will show you different ways to create your low poly model. We will make UVs for our vehicle. Then we will explore how to bake normal maps and ambient occlusion maps. For all of this we will use Maya 2016 and xNormal. For the texturing we will use Quixel SUITE 2. Some textures we will do from scratch and for others we will do a little brakedown to understand how they were created. The last chapter we will spend in Unreal Engine 4 and we will put everthing together in a simple scene. We will create lighting, and of course materials for our objects.

For easier downloading we split this tutorial to 4 parts. Each can be downloaded and watched separately. Below you can see full list.

  • 3dnice Game Vehicle Development part1
  •  2,14GB - 4h 39min
  • 1. what are we doing
  • 2. tools
  • 3. blueprints
  • 4. modeling main body part1
  • 5. modeling main body part2
  • 6. modeling main body part3
  • 3dnice Game Vehicle Development part2
  •   2,91GB - 4h 22min
  • 7. wheel tire modeling
  • 8. engine modeling part 1
  • 9. engine modeling part 2
  • 10. 3d_sketches
  • 11. inside modeling
  • 13. seat wheel desk
  • 3dnice Game Vehicle Development part3
  •  1,19GB - 2h 55min
  • 14. low poly part1
  • 15. low poly part2
  • 16. uvs
  • 17. baking normals part1
  • 18. baking normals part2
  • 19. baking ao part1
  • 20. baking ao part2
  • 21. color IDs
  • 3dnice Game Vehicle Development part4
  •   2,51GB - 4h 10min
  • 22. normals ao details
  • 23. wheel texturing
  • 24. engine texturing
  • 25. main texture overview
  • 26. unreal engine scene part1
  • 27. unreal engine scene part2


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Length: 16h

Size: 9GB
Resolution: 1600x900
Format: MP4
Language: English

Buying this tutorial you will
also get:
- Unreal Engine 4 files
- Maya scene files
- Maya shelves + icons
- Reference images
game_vehicle_devINTRODUCTION VIDEO